Scrap Heap: Matter for the Bicycle Research

This is an album-a-day that I wrote, recorded and produced in one day in August 2023. Except I get -1,000 points for taking a break in the middle for a social engagement, so that a bit more than 24 hours of clock time elapsed. Steve Landey's band name generator generated the titles, which is why they sound weird and robotic, and I worked backwards to write thematic songs. This effort owes a huge debt to Tom 7, not only for describing the album-a-day concept, but for inspiring my songwriting approach; this and this are my favorite of Tom's many AADs.

I've made albums-a-day before, but this is my first one playing all the songs on guitar. You can make one too!

Album cover for Matter for the Bicycle Research. Underside of a bridge over a body of water.

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